• Downtown Louisville is a creative Hub with 5 vibrant gallery districts: NuLu, South 4th Street, Museum Row, West Main & Butcherblock

  • Explore walk-able galleries in Nulu including: Garner Narrative, Zephyr, Swanson Contemporary, Revelry, Green Building, Mahonia Green Gallery & more.

  • Sample South 4th Street at: Craft[s] Gallery & Mercantile, Blockparty, Gifthorse Artist Space, Brown Hotel Gallery, Cellar Door Cafe Gallery and Regalo.

  • Something for all ages on Museum Row at KMAC, 21c, Muhammad Ali Center, KY Science Discovery Gallery, Frazier, Awesome Possum, Actors Theater Gallery and more.

  • Find revitalization in bloom off of West Main Street with Tim Faulkner Studios, E&S Gallery, Portland Museum, Mammoth, Nelligan, 1619 FLUX, Hite Studio and more.

  • Butcherblock is growing! Find the brand new Pyro Gallery there soon!

Republic Bank First Friday Hop Galleries and Events

On the First Friday of every month, many of our favorite Downtown art galleries, shops, boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment hot spots are open extended hours and offering specials, sales, refreshments, and live music. Go explore the 40+ unique boutiques, artists, galleries, eateries, and more along the Republic Bank First Friday Hop route.
On any given weekday, our favorite places are open normal hours, and you can "hop" on the ZeroBus and ride to a "Z" stop near each location during standard transit hours listed here.

  • angels envy

    Plant a white oak tree for every Angel’s Envy bottle or drink you post #AE4TheTrees

    • This September, we’re planting a white oak tree for every Angel’s Envy bottle or drink you post—neat, on-the-rocks or cocktail. angelsenvy.com #toastthetrees #AE4TheTrees Help Angel’s Envy® Secure the Future of Bourbon September 1, 2017 – September 31, 2016 With so many people enjoying bourbon, demand for barrels is higher than ever. Distillers need new oak barrels […]

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  • worldfest

    WorldFest on First Friday!

    • WorldFest, one of the region’s largest international festivals, celebrates its 15th anniversary with four days of expanded world food, music, dance, culture and education this Labor Day weekend. “Cities that embrace and encourage their international citizens and cultures will thrive, have a stronger quality of life and will attract new growth and jobs,” Mayor Greg […]

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  • fhr

    Fat Heads Rescue at The Flea Off Market

    • Puppy kisses, adoptable dogs, FHR Merchandise all at the Flea Off Market! About FHR: Fat Heads Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer dog rescue serving the Southern Indiana area. We, as an organization and as humans, have an obligation to correct the pet dog over-population problem. We are dedicated to correcting the imbalance through rescue, spay […]

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  • sixsisters

    Shop and Win September Hop at Six Sisters! in NuLu

    • Join us for our first official night at the Trolley Hop! Check out new arrivals for fall, along with great gifts for upcoming baby and wedding showers, house warming gifts and of course something for yourself! Don’t forget to sign up for a chance to win a $20 Gift Card at check out! Six Sisters […]

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  • KMAC

    First Friday Hop: Button Making! at KMAC

    • Museum will be open late for the Republic Bank First Friday Hop until 9pm! Stop by to explore KMAC’s new exhibition “Victory Over the Sun”, and don’t miss the last week of “Sing Don’t Cry” with interpretations by Matthew Mcdole in the third floor gallery. PLUS, a donation-based button making station will be set up for all visitors to […]

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  • kitch

    Kitsch My Butt Art Opening: A Low Brow Art Show at Block Party Handmade Boutique

    • September 1st during the First Friday Hop is Kitsch My Butt, a low brow group art show at Block Party Handmade Boutique’s downtown location. Think velvet paintings, pop culture, and rhinestones. High brow artists doing low brow work including Gemma Correll, Jennifer Meyers, Katie Judah, Melissa Noseworthy, Cecilia Nichols, Melissa Noseworthy, Mary Levinsky, and more TBA! Expect […]

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  • Warpzone


    • Contact: Cara Bezuska FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Email: csmith@louisvillemakesgames.org Date: 08/25/2017 KENTUCKIANA GAME CREATORS LAUNCH BUNDLE OF LOCALLY-MADE VIDEO GAMES DURING REPUBLIC BANK FIRST FRIDAY TROLLEY HOP Presented by Louisville Makes Games! Local video game creators have come together to create games made in Kentuckiana and will be released as part of a pay-what- you-want bundle […]

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  • august first friday

    September 1st Republic Bank First Friday Hop

    •  September 1st Republic Bank First Friday Hop Fri Sep 1 · First Friday Hop 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM WorldFest Fri Sep 1 · Worldfest / Belvedere Louisville Ky 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM Recyclocraftz At Worldfest 2017 Fri Sep 1 · The Belvedere WFPK Live Lunch Fri Sep 1 · WFPK Waterfront Wednesday – Noon Flea Off Market Fri Sep 1 · 1007 E […]

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  • we know you need him...
#fox #modern toys #cuddle #stylishkids #stagandwhoa #staganddoelou

    Stag + Doe join the First Friday Hop

    • Stag + Doe Join the Republic Bank First Friday Hop! If you haven’t been to Stag + Doe get down there! Nestled in the heart of Butchertown, or as it is locally known, the Butcherblock, Stag + Doe is an oasis of retail and design. The boutique is run like a gallery. Each item arranged […]

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  • blow your own glass

    BLOW YOUR OWN at Flame Run on First Friday

    • BLOW YOUR OWN GLASS with the Flame Run Pros on First Friday Flame Run in the Glassworks Building 815 West Market St, Louisville, KY 40202 The creation of blown glass art is beautiful from afar, but there’s nothing quite like standing in the heat of the studio and helping to craft your own masterpiece. In […]

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  • flying axes

    Flying Axes

    • First Friday THROWTIME at Flying Axes 2pm-Midnight on the Republic Bank First Friday Hop! 146 N. Clay St. Louisville, KY 40202 1-855-LETS-AXE Since the dawn of man, humans have been throwing stuff at other stuff. Why? Because it’s fun. Axe throwing is just taking that to the next level. As an indoor competitive sport, axe throwing […]

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  • First Light Gallery

    “Testament” with artist, Jennifer B. Thoreson at First Light Gallery

    • The continuation of “Testament” featuring the work of artist, Jennifer B. Thoreson at First Light Gallery and the work of Andrew J. McCawley on the Republic Bank First Friday Hop September 1st, 6-9pm First Light Gallery 1009 E Main Street Louisville, KY 40206 www.firstlightgalleryky.com 502.724.0175 Artist Statement: I am attracted to vulnerability, to peeling back a skin […]

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  • haunt tour

    Jacob Floyd’s NuLu History and Haunts Tour

    • FRIDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 1ST Take a walk down the most haunted street in Kentucky with the NuLu History and Haunts Tour. We’ll talk about some tales from the past and the ghosts they left behind! Tour begins at the corner of East Market and South Hancock next to Southern Tire Service at 9:30 pm, only […]

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  • Jecorey Arthur

    Creativity: Rilynne Guthrie at RESURFACED for First Friday

    • September – Creativity Artist – Rilynne Guthrie Description – A multi-media presentation by Louisville’s most innovate 5th graders featuring paintings and animations. Organized by Jecorey “1200” Arthur. “A look at what creativity means to me. Creativity is how I express myself, how I speak to others in more than my words. Words can be hard, but […]

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  • kendal-2

    Drink and Draw at Against The Grain Brewery with Kendall Regan

    • Oodles and oddles of doodles! We’re a big fan (and supporter) of cool, creative shit. Have you seen our label work?! So we’ve decided to host a monthly creative meet up for anyone and everyone who shares this same interest. How it Works: We’ll provide a private room with plenty of space to create. You […]

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  • ANN KLEM Flame Run

    Flame Run Features: Ann Klem Glass

    • LOUISVILLE, KY (August 16th, 2017) – Flame Run is exhibiting the work of Louisville artist, Ann Klem, in “Feature: Ann Klem Glass.” Each piece of Klem’s art glass reveals her love of the design and creation process, the taste for technical challenges and the beauty of a well-finished piece. Strongly influenced by geometry, repeatable patterns, and phenomena such as crop […]

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  • Ken Lucchese

    LetterSong Gallery Presents: Pleasures of Light at Beargrass Creek

    • Closing reception on Sept 1st from 6-9:00 1501 Story Ave, Louisville, Kentucky 40206 – lettersongstudio.com. An impressionistic dance between value and light interpreted by Oil Painter Ken Lucchese.   ‘Pleasures of Light at Beargrass Creek’   is now on exhibitat at the Lettersong Calligraphy Studio and Gallery. The show will run  from August 4th through September 1st. Ken Lucchese has called Louisville his home for the last eighteen years and is […]

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  • Image: Tiffany Calvert, Untitled #287, detail, 2017, oil on digital print on canvas, 48" x 60"

    PROJECT 19: The Prolonged Gaze at Zephyr Gallery

    • PROJECT 19: The Prolonged Gaze September 1- October 22, 2017 Featuring the works of three extraordinary female painters, Zephyr Gallery presents Project 19: The Prolonged Gaze, Tiffany Calvert, Vian Sora, and Nhat Tran, curated by Miranda Lash, curator of contemporary art at the Speed Art Museum.  The Prolonged Gaze will be on view Friday, September 1, 2017 through Sunday, October […]

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  • Pyro gallery Louisville art

    Experimenting With Light by Keith Auerbach at Pyro gallery

    • PYRO Gallery presents: Experimenting With Light by Keith Auerbach Opening Reception Friday, September 15, 2017 5 – 9 PM Show Dates: September 7 – October 21, 2017 & First Friday Gallery Hops  As a photographer I am drawn to light rather than to the object it illuminates. My work begins with a photo that captures reflected, […]

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  • 1619 flux

    1619 Flux – “Connecting Conversations” With EVOLVERS II


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  • hyland glass sept 1

    False Light with Laurie Blayney at Hyland Glass for First Friday Hop

    • Hyland Glass will have a new show up for First Friday HOP in September! Detes: Hyland Glass 721 E. Washington St. Louisville, KY 40202 www.HylandGlass.com Opening Reception for Public Friday September 1 Artist : Laurie Blayney Show Title: False Light 2D Contemporary work on Metal (Chroma Dye Sublimation processed from original Photographs) Artist Statement: False Light […]

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