A Sort of River of Passing Events Kiah Celeste – Dominic Guarnaschelli – J.Cletus Wilcox extended through July 25

Photo by Kevin Warth

A Sort of River of Passing Events: Kiah Celeste – Dominic Guarnaschelli – J. Cletus Wilcox has been extended through Saturday, July 25.

Critic Anna Blake of Ruckus Louisville contends that the exhibition “work(s) in conversation to push and pull against our perception of time and absolute truth at a moment when we are hyper-aware of our position in history. Contradictions in tension with one another are present in all these works – truth and fiction, permanence and impermanence, known and unknown; respectively. These themes reflect acutely on these times, and the works provide a critical postmodern perspective on our collective past, present, and future; affirming a sense of uncertainty of what is to come of this historical moment we find ourselves in.”

Writer Sarah Levitch of the Voice-Tribune  writes that the works in the exhibition “suggest there is always more than meets the eye and encourage all who come into contact with them to perpetually shift their perspective and question all they encounter.”

Please come view this exhibition in person  – while wearing a protective face mask!- before it ends next week.

Thursdays & Fridays 12-4
Saturdays 11-3
and by appointments

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