ALT at Revelry Gallery

Revelry Gallery is launching a new conceptual group show opening July 20th, 7-10pm, titled ALT (alternative). ALT will feature work made out of alternative materials ranging from large installations to miniature creations. The artists have picked eclectic materials such as books, Exacto blades, origami, straws and more. Each piece will be a unique sculptural or two-dimensional work made from unexpected materials that have a purpose or a message to the overall concept.  
Participating artists include: Mike McCarthy, Liz Richter, Susan Howe, Randell Madden, Bri Bowers, Lyndi Lou, David Nichols, John Darko, Tatiana Rathke, Monica Stewart, Paul Nelson, Linda Erzinger, Maya Griffin, and Ryan Metro.
WHEN: Saturday, July 20th, 7-10pm (closing Monday, August 12th)
WHERE: Revelry Boutique Gallery, 742 E Market St, Louisville KY 40202

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