Ann Lawson Adamek, KWS at the Convention & Visitors Bureau Visitor Center

Ann began painting watercolors in 1989 as a creative outlet to balance her professional career as a Marriage and Family Therapist; she considers painting to be her therapy. Although she has had no formal training in art, she has attended numerous classes and workshops taught by nationally recognized instructors.

Ann holds a profound belief in the interconnected web of all existence of which we are a part. This belief was the basis for two solo exhibits in 2008 titled “Interconnected Web of Words and Watercolors” where watercolor paintings were accompanied by meaningful quotations. Ann believes in the arts as basic to life and our connectedness. She says “ I want my paintings to invite emotional connections.. . with one’s self, with others, with Nature, with all of life.

Often, inspiration for my paintings has evolved from a particular quotation or another creative form. I hope others will also find in them a source of continuing discovery and connections.”

MON, November 19th, – Artebella Ann Lawson Adamek, a marriage and family therapist, considers painting watercolors to be her therapy. Adamek started painting in 1989 with no formal training, but since then she has attended numerous classes and workshops.

Adamek became a Signature Member of the Kentucky Watercolor Society after having three of her works accepted in Aqueous, a national juried exhibition sponsored by the organization. A fourth painting was accepted in Aqueous USA in 2010.

“The process of watercolor painting is a journey of self-discovery,” Adamek explains. “As I become more familiar with the limits and possibilities of watercolors, so I discover the limits and possibilities in myself that have been hidden to me. The challenge and the delight for me are to allow watercolors to ‘do their own thing’, yet have some semblance of control over what they do. I want my paintings to invite emotional connections.”

Adamek’s paintings show a great appreciation of the natural world and eliciting emotion from viewers. Maine Mist depicts four boats adrift in fog. Even shadows seem swallowed up in the thickest part of it. Aunt Ruth is a tender portrait of an elderly woman holding a newborn puppy. Only the parts of the woman that are focused on the puppy are visible. Everything else disappears into background color.

In addition to her painting, Adamek’s sterling silver jewelry, made with real flowers, is available at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and the Berea Artisans Center. Adamek is a juried exhibiting member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, and an artist member of the KMAC. Her commissioned work can also be found at the Maker’s Mark Distillery Visitors Center. Ann’s paintings are also available at the Corner Cafe in Louisville, Ky.

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Ann Lawson Adamek

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