Ariana Massey at Mahonia

Ariana Massey’s abstract art show at
Mahonia, June 7, 2019 between 7 – 10pm.
Food and beverage will be provided and come as you are. Have a great time!
822 E Market St, Louisville, KY 40206

Born and living in Kentucky, Ariana Massey is currently a self-taught, abstract artist. Art in various forms has allowed Ariana to express her philosophy and point of view without words. Her journey began with photography in high school, then evolved to pottery in college, and 15 years ago her journey with abstract painting began. Experimenting with the fluidity and motion of paint on a surface immediately opened a creative outlet. Employing unconventional tools and hardware store products to her creative arsenal, she has created abstract pieces for juried shows and fairs, interior designers, corporate offices and commissioned work.

Ariana draws inspiration from color and texture found in her daily life. Paper drywall mud, and objects others have discarded are among tools of application. The transformation of the mundane is critical to her work. Ariana’s philosophy of art is simple: she thrives on abstract painting by allowing her creative nature to act on impulse and instinct. Her goal is to inspire others to make their mark on the world and to never stop.

Currently, Ariana Massey resides in Prospect, KY with her wife and son. Her in home studio provides space for all of her art production. Ariana is available for commission work.

Mixed media on Canvas 16×20 Floating Frame

Ariana Massey

“Ariana Massey is hosting her first abstract art show at Mahonia June 7, 2019 at 7pm – 10pm. There will be food and drinks. Everyone is welcome to come and come as you are. No dress code, just bring a smile and some friends. We created a small film piece about Ariana and her work. I am excited for her and happy I could support her in the artwork she does. Feel free to share!” – Adam Brennan | | Instagram: @picturesbyab | @filmsbyab

Still by from  – Provided by the artist

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