Art Sanctuary‎The Art of Monique Motiff

Opening Reception
September 6, 2019

Art Sanctuary Gallery
1433 S Shelby Street
Louisville KY 40217

502-386-7114 (showings by appointment)

Monique Motiff of Louisville studied painting and
photography at The Art Academy of Cincinnati. Her
rich, moody landscapes are executed using a
combination of oil, tar and many layers of bees wax, a
technique she has developed and perfected over many
years. Spending time in Chicago after college, Motiff
absorbed exciting new trends and techniques in mixing
media. Her travels between Chicago and Louisville in
those years inspired her to not just copy the
landscape she saw along the highway but to transmit
her feeling of the landscape in the context of home
versus future, and to imbue the skyward snap-shot
like glimpses with literal and figurative texture and
depth. The interpersonal interpretation of the scenes
and the technique results in a richness rarely seen in
oil alone. Motiff’s work has been represented in St.
Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati and her home, Louisville
where she works and with her husband, raises a
daughter and a son.

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