Artist Reception with Justin Rothshank ATMOSPHERIC ENERGY

Artist Reception with Justin Rothshank

Friday, December 1st  |  6 – 10pm

Karen Welch and David McGuire cordially invite you to the opening reception of “Atmospheric Energy” new works by Justin Rothshank.  Justin Rothshank is a studio artist working in Indiana and a graduate of Goshen College.  In 2000, Justin co-founded the Union Project, a nonprofit organization located in Pittsburgh, PA.  He has been a presenter, panelist, visiting artist, and artist-in-residence at numerous universities, conferences, and art centers throughout the United States and abroad.
Atmospheric Energy
“These pieces gather inspiration from the natural environment where I live.

My family moved onto a 20 acre, undeveloped plot of wooded land in 2009. We built a house, and studio, using wood harvested from the land. We’ve chosen to raise our family here. We’re devoted to the protection of this land as a natural environment. However, we’re also faced with the conundrum of development versus protection.

To use the land, we’ve cut down trees, poured concrete, and driven thru the woods. We leave remnants and footprints of our existence wherever we go.

To maintain the woods as a safe place for exploration we’ve had to cut down trees, put in bridges, and remove vegetation. We harvest deadfall to fire my wood burning kiln. Many of these pieces are fired for 95 hours in my 2 chamber kiln using approximately 10 cords of wood harvested exclusively from the acres surrounding the kiln. The surfaces have been decorated by the ash and flame created within the kiln firing atmosphere.

In making this work, I’ve reflected on the beauty, inspiration and energy that the environment provides to me…the wildlife, changing seasons, flora and fauna, fuel and resource. I find making trails, cutting wood, and maintaining the land to be a rewarding and fulfilling practice. Yet I recognize that we’ve changed the natural environment significantly since our arrival on this land. I’ve made this work as a reminder of the responsibility I carry in preserving the natural environment.”

– Justin Rothshank
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