Beaded Treasures at Volunteers of America of Mid-States, Inc.

Our Mission
To provide refugee women with the tools and resources to overcome economic, social, and linguistic barriers to success, using an innovative application of microcredit, subsidized costs, small scale sustainable practices, and instructional opportunities, to generate income, eliminate the middleman and become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

We strive to promote positive social change by the feminist expression of art and strongly believe that when women and girls advance, so does society.

We Focus
on providing refugee and disadvantaged women with tools and resources needed to generate income and become self-sufficient entrepreneurs using a novel "credit plus" approach to microcredit.

We Strive
to promote positive social change by the feminist expression of art.

We Offer
a wide variety of unique handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Beaded Treasures members are former refugees who meet on a regular basis to learn new skills and receive support in marketing and financial literacy.

Home Party

Are you looking for a way to make a positive difference in the world and directly touch lives? Host a BT Party--it's fun and easy! Plus, our Party Coordinator will support you every step of the way.

The Beaded Treasures Project is expanding its model globally, by providing entrepreneurial opportunities to women artisans all over the world. Proceeds of sale of products made by the global artisans will support our programs for refugee women resettled in Louisville, Kentucky, thus creating a global circle of empowerment.

A Volunteers of America Shop - Founded in 1896 by volunteers who wished to serve their local community, Volunteers of America today is a full service, accredited and licensed not-for-profit business. Today, we reach approximately 25,000 people annually through 41 distinct human service programs operating in Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Clark and Floyd Counties in Southern Indiana. These include:
• Shelter, transitional housing and support services for families who are homeless;
• Addiction recovery services for specific populations, including veterans, pregnant and parenting women and formerly incarcerated men;
• Home-based and non-residential support for people with developmental disabilities;
• Housing for seniors with low-incomes, people with mental illness and women with disabilities;
• Homelessness prevention, employment, and other supportive services for veterans and their family members; and
• HIV testing and prevention services and housing support for people living with HIV/AIDS.
Recognized for high-performance standards and quality service delivery, we are fully accredited through the Council on Accreditation. We employ more than 550 full-time and part-time staff who offer professional, evidence-based services with a focus on positive outcomes. Our Fiscal Year 2018 operating budget is $27 million, with 84 cents of every dollar raised by the organization allocated toward direct client services. Programs
are funded through a diverse array of funding streams, including federal, state, and local grants and contracts; private foundations; and public contributions.


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