NuLu: Art & Shopping in The East Market Business District

Revelry Boutique Gallery (742 East Market Street) Revelry Boutique Gallery loves our local art community. We promote artists in the area through festive art openings, media, and our brick and mortar shop on Market Street. We take pride in showing the incredible talent Louisville and surrounding areas have to offer.

Zephyr Gallery (610 East Market Street) Zephyr Gallery loans and installs Kentucky regional art for individual businesses through its Corporate Art Program, which has been active since 1997.

Wayside Expressions Gallery (120 West Broadway Street, Hotel Louisville)

Garner Narrative (642 East Market Street) garner narrative celebrates art with generative messiness and personal-political content. These are some hallmarks of a committed studio practice, in which fluid personal truth is defined through artmaking.

Green Building Gallery (732 E. Market St) Louisville’s first Platinum LEED Certified commercial building, and Kentucky’s first Platinum LEED Adaptive Reuse Project. Mixed use space in the heart of NuLu: a contemporary art gallery, event spaces, and offices.

Hyland Glass (721 East Washington St.) Contemporary glass studio and showroom gallery. Louisville’s Original Blow Your Own Glass Studio. The premier location for contemporary fine art sales.

Paul Paletti Gallery (713 East Market Street) The gallery was founded in July 2001 by attorney and photography collector Paul Paletti. The idea for the gallery manifested soon after the office building on Market Street was purchased by Paletti and his partners for their law offices.

Pyro Gallery  (1006 E Washington Street) PYRO Gallery is a co-operative art gallery in Louisville, KY. Exhibitions with highlighted members rotate every six weeks, with work of all members regularly featured in two of the 5 gallery spaces. The artists work in many mediums including painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, glass, sculpture and fiber. Please visit our website for more information.

Red Tree NuLu (Red Tree, Inc 701 East Market Street) The coolest, hippest art and furniture home store … like a playground for adults selling traditional handmade furniture that comes in tons of finishes.

Swanson Contemporary  (638 E Market St, Louisville) One of Louisville’s longest running galleries, Swanson Contemporary showcases national and regional artists in all mediums. Chuck Swanson is an artist, primarily a painter, but he is also one of the pioneer gallerists in Louisville, having opened a gallery on Bardstown Road in 1982 and then in 1998 on East Market Street in what would eventually become the celebrated NuLu neighborhood. For the record, Swanson opened the space near Market and Clay well ahead of the rechristening of the area, so he must be counted as one of the reasons why the once-neglected and depressed environs became a hot spot for redevelopment.

Black Heart Tattoo Gallery  (124 N Clay St, Louisville) Black Heart tattoo gallery is a combination art gallery and tattoo studio. Offering full custom tattooing. Every tattoo is one of a kind just like you. Black Heart Gallery and Tattoo

AC Nulu Hotel Gallery Lobby (727 East Market Street) Artist Steve Heine of Cranium Glass hung his new piece “Honeycomb Clouds” at NuLu’s new AC Hotel. LVA helped bring local artists Heine, Ewa Perz and Kate Mattingly to the hotel, where most work will he accessible to guests and the public for 6 months. Steve Heine’s installation is permanent. Details for “Honeycomb Clouds”: 4’-0” x 4’-0” x 4” each, laser-cut steel, maple, LED panel [variable color and a remote wi-fi controller], from his current series of “Cloud Panels”.

First Light Gallery (First Light Gallery’s brick & mortar has closed indefinitely, and is in the process of setting up an online presence to continue showcasing and selling fine art photography.) First Light Gallery was one of only two galleries in Louisville to exclusively showcase the medium of photography. We believe the printed image is the foremost way to view photography, and wish to educate our community about the many processes involved in its creation.

Joe Ley Antiques (615 E Market St) A single owned store located in an 1890 three-story historical school building. Joe Ley Antiques has been in business for 51 years.

Pappy & Company

We are excited to share that in just a few days Papy and company will be joining the First Friday Hop and Opening in Nulu. Starting Monday at least through Christmas we are told that store hours will be 10-5 Monday-Saturday and 11-3 on Sunday’s.

” We will have all the merchandise available in the store that we have online, so it’s the first time people can shop our whole collection in person. We sell some of our items at wholesale locally and nationally but a very limited selection.” 

Pappy & Company and Chenault James Interiors will be headquartered at this location n with combined store in the front. They will continue to highlight artists from around the south east represented through Well and Wonder in partnership with art curator, owner, Louisville native, and awesome person Mollie Creason. They will also feature Elva Fields (another renowned creative Louisvillian with jewelry and a mix of vintage and handmade pieces.

About Pappy & Company 

Pappy & Company is a lifestyle brand inspired by our family’s bourbon business, The Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery. We make products that are well designed, high quality and appreciated in our own lives that we then get to share with our customers. We often collaborate with like-minded brands to create items that are the best in their class such as our coffee, syrup, and cigars. We sell everything from barware, home furnishings, clothing and accessories to specialty food products.

Chenault James Interiors is a high-end interior design business owned and operated by Chenault James, who is also sister and co-founder of Pappy & Company. Chenault’s signature design aesthetic is a mix of old and new, and also is inspired by our family’s traditions and style. Both companies are showcased here side by side to complement one other under one roof of a family business.

Tim Faulkner Gallery

Our new hours are Mon., Tues., Weds., Fri., Sat., Noon-11pm Sun., 2-6pm Tim Faulkner Gallery is a Contemporary Art Gallery with a 2,500 sq. ft. exhibition space & working artist studios.
Tim Faulkner Gallery is located at the corner of Logan st. & Kentucky st and is home to the TFG Art bar.
Plenty of space to practice social distancing while you enjoy a beverage from @tfgartbar

Cressman Center, Hite art institute

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