Center for Interfaith Relations

The Center for Interfaith Relations celebrates the timeless wisdom contained in the diversity of the world’s faith traditions, honoring the union between thinking globally and acting locally. The Center hosts the annual ‘Festival of Faiths’ a nationally acclaimed interfaith event of music, poetry, film, art and dialogue with internationally renowned spiritual leaders, thinkers and practitioners.


To celebrate the diversity of faith traditions, express gratitude for our unity and strengthen
the role of faith in society through common action.
Guiding Principle

Compassion for our community, ourselves, and the earth.
Core Values

Understand and respect the unique faith traditions that enrich our community and celebrate our interconnectedness.

Work towards a happier, healthier, stronger society through respect for the sacredness of life.

Be mindful that what we do now forms and informs the future.

Exercise responsible financial and environmental stewardship in a proactive authentic and hospitable manner.

Foster new and existing relationships with key stakeholders to strengthen our mission and inspire community engagement.