Community Hatha Yoga Hosted by Tree Roots Yoga and Lettersong Calligraphy Studio and Gallery

Community Hatha Yoga

“Calming the mind is yoga, not just standing on the head” –
Swami Satchidananda* Please note that we have a studio cat and dog *

Suggested donation of $10
Donation not required

Join Meghan Bektasevic every Friday morning for 75 minutes of calming the mind through a balance of movement and stillness guided by breathwork.

Meghan will guide you through a series of postures designed to build awareness, non-attachment, equanimity, and contentment. Simultaneously, let go of what isn’t working or doesn’t amplify your life, desires, and intentions.

Hatha Yoga is a traditional alignment-based yoga class focusing on balancing the duality of the mind and body through breath-work and authentic movement.

All that you need, you will find within. Meghan will help you get there.

Suggested donation of $10
Simply show up


1501 Story Avenue
Every Friday morning
9:15 – 10:30 am

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