The Natural View: Brendan Taylor at ReSurfaced Gallery

Jecorey Arthur

August – Creativity

Artist – Brendan Taylor

Description – A multi-media presentation by Louisville’s most innovate 5th graders featuring paintings and animations. Organized by Jecorey “1200” Arthur.

“A look at what creativity means to me. Creativity is how I express myself, how I speak to others in more than my words. Words can be hard, but being creative is easy to me. Sometimes kids my age need a way to express their true selves, I use digital art, animation, and drawing. I can be silly, or serious, and then I can choose whether I want to share it with anyone or just keep it for me. I’m choosing to share these pieces with you because I want to show how you can express yourself just like me or however you want to. My favorite thing is to make people laugh and think, I hope my art does that for you too.”

Artist – Brendan Taylor

Description – Brendan Taylor is a rising sophomore attending Eastern High School (EHS). He has always been interested in drawing and painting. He has participated in several groups and activities involving art, beginning with the advanced art classes at Crosby Middle School under the guidance of Mr. Kevin Ashford. As a middle schooler, he was invited to join the CFAC program through the Louisville Visual Art (LVA) Association, and his painting of a beach scene was the People’s Choice Award winner at his eighth grade art show. As a high schooler, he now attends classes at The Academy of LVA, and is grateful to Ms. Wilma Bethel for her creative teaching and helpful feedback. He engages in art club at his high school, and was asked to join the art community at EHS as an upper level art student. He enjoys working with a variety of different media, but mainly focuses on oil pastels, colored pencil, and graphite. His inspirations primarily stem from music, however other artist’s works and nature are also important in his creative process.

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