Creativity: Kogan Dumb at Resurfaced

October – Creativity – Noire Caddy w/ Teriyaki Seats 

Artist – Kogan Dumb

Artist – Kogan Dumb, Tyler Hollenkamp, Yoko Molotov

Description – A visual journey through the looking glass of 3 protagonist. On the outside a cinematic film noire vibe captured through illustrations, photography, film and other mediums. But a deeper meaning when you take a look at the saucey & vibrant inside. Come to our corner of the Boulevard & unfold this metaphorical vehicle like origami.


Description – A multi-media presentation by Louisville’s most innovate 5th graders featuring paintings and animations. Organized by Jecorey “1200” Arthur.

“A look at what creativity means to me. Creativity is how I express myself, how I speak to others in more than my words. Words can be hard, but being creative is easy to me. Sometimes kids my age need a way to express their true selves, I use digital art, animation, and drawing. I can be silly, or serious, and then I can choose whether I want to share it with anyone or just keep it for me. I’m choosing to share these pieces with you because I want to show how you can express yourself just like me or however you want to. My favorite thing is to make people laugh and think, I hope my art does that for you too.”

  • ReSurfaced
  • 319 South Shelby Street
  • Louisville, KY, 40202
  • United States

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