Cynthia Norton

Cynthia Norton

(b. 1970, Athens, KY)

Farcical – Ninnie Nonesuch, 2017
Vinyl recording with 8 record paintings
acrylic on panel 19” x 19” x 2”

Riga Road
Sabadell Blues and Greys
Berlin Boxing Champion
Pori Pirates
My French Cafe
Swedish Mourning
Black Oak Tree
Estonian Knights

Norton is a painter, sculptor, instrument builder and performance artist who is known for her “Ninnie” persona, a roving folk artist and singer who spins tales of her travels and life as a rural Kentucky native. The Farcical installation documents her journey across Europe in July of 2010 on a tour called Diverse Universe with other international performers and the Estonian performance art group Nongrata. The eight paintings are a reflection of her experience abroad and each are matched with a song on the Farcical album. Taken from video footage of her performing in multiple European cities, she refracts the video images through a handmade kaleidoscope and then creates her impasto painting. She uses the impasto style in order to “critique the sentiment that “laying it on thick” is a metaphor for the use of intimacy as virtual media and/or the social nostalgia.  It suggests the root of the word impostre (imposter) and also highlights that humans are textural beings and storytelling beings. It implies the plasticity of paint and alludes to the use of social media as a tool to convey degrees of honesty.”

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