David Conrad Artist statement – Hite

Artist Statement: Mixed-media abstract assemblages address the tension of adapted temporary shelters and marginalized struggle by exploring an exodus from a negative, violent situation to a place of hope and growth. As the vulnerability of those experiencing homelessness intensify during a pandemic, so does a greater divide in housing insecurity, the availability of proper mental health services, and financial resources.

This body of work questions the extent of an artist’s moral obligation to those seen as excluded or disposable. Personal experience with estrangement, homelessness, and homeless encampments lead this intuitively improvised practice to show contingent markers of raw urgency and mistakes. Formal concerns of materiality of paint and surface expand the field of painting beyond the second dimension, thus addressing the limited support structures available to the lesser advantaged.Quickly applied splashed paint onto temporary flimsy barriers display a provisional protective layer. Discarded construction materials and tarpaulin are covered with viscous neutral house paint, interlocking perspective lines, along with blue and orange pigment, each with their own set of associations. Remaining palimpsests of scraped-off, wiped-away layers explore entropy, self-sabotage, and disintegration.

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