Djawid Borower Palimpsest through December 2020

Djawid Borower


through December 2020
Djawid Borower studied painting, history and philosophy in Cologne and Vienna, financing his studies by writing about art, literature and science for one of Germany’s most important newspapers. Since 1996, his works have been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally (his works are in the permanent collections of the Speed Museum and 21C).

Translated from Greek, the term Palimpsest refers to something re-used or altered while still bearing traces of its early form. Manifesting his work as a painter, poet and author, Borower’s new work points to successive layerings of image and text. Each of these works forms an image suggestive of the Earth, an image literally “unearthed” through his process of layering oil paint onto the paper, scraping deliberately at the surface with a palette knife before covering and hiding that image with another layer of paint which obliterates all other layers. Through this process the artist makes visible the incomplete history of his actions.

Authored by the artist, the text is hand-written into and around the painting, acting as philosophical thoughts that frame the paintings – commentary that inflect the way the viewer looks at and interprets the work.

Each unique work is 11 x 15″ (15 x 19″ framed)

$900 each
Also showing new works by Denise Furnish, John Brooks and Vian Sora
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