“Don’t Let It Go Out” at MOREMEN GALLERY

 “Don’t Let It Go Out” Heather Jones and Jeffrey Courtland Jones

Two painters, one using paint to explore optical changes that occur between subtly different hues, opacity and transparency, matte and glossy surfaces, and warm and cool tones. The other using fabric to “reflect, capture, and interact with light in a way that no paint can.” Both show us what can be done when two artists who understand how line and color interact give us strong geometric work all their own.

March 1 through March 28

Opening Reception

Friday March 1, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Gallery Hours:

Wednesdays – Saturday: Noon – 4:00


MOREMEN GALLERY, a contemporary art gallery, located in downtown Louisville, was founded by art enthusiast and collector Susan Moremen. The gallery’s focus is a continually evolving selection of  contemporary art by emerging and
mid-career artists.

We showcase work that deserves more than a passing glance, work that is provocative yet approachable, timeless, pleases the eye and lives in harmony in its place.

Artist Submission Policy: Artist submissions should be made directly to Susan Moremen via email. Proposals should include a website link with images, resume, and artist statement. We do not accept proposals made in person.

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