Eel Eye

What is your performer name or business name?
    Eel Eye

Please provide a short bio or description of your creative expression for us to share.
    I’m a violinist/fiddler of about 9 years. I play a variety of styles, originals, and covers. I don’t play the fanciest stuff, but have a solid foundation and pretty good tone for a 9-year player- I also improvise and can jump in on almost anything. I have some experience busking but many of my musician friends tend to be pretty flaky. I’m joining this association in hopes of finding a somewhat more reliable strings player to jam and/or busk with regularly. Guitarists, banjo players, mandolin players, or bowed string players, please get in contact!
Please share your rates if applicable.
$50 per hr if solo, $80 per hr if duo
What category or genre?
acoustic music
What is your social media handle?
pineboxlouisville (facebook)
Your website or online page?
Pinebox Experience (facebook)
What contact information do you want us to share?
name and email, may be shared with interested musicians or those interested in having us perform.

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