List your events in Louisville

  1. – This link will take you to the .Gov page events listing for the general Louisville Metro area. These are reviewed and approved before they go live so send it in early.
  2. – Many other sites scrape events from
  3. Do502 Event Listing, if you don’t already have an account with Do502 you should request one. They are a feeder service for a few platforms, including the CityPost kiosks all over Downtown.
  4. The family fun sites can be very helpful for child friendly or family friendly events.
  6. has an event page listing service. These go through an approval process so send it in early to be posted on time.
  7. Tops Louisville – Great place to list events and potentially get picked up for print or a larger article.
    “All submissions subject to approval within 48 hours.”
  8. Eventbrite is a great feeder site for event listings.
  9. Eventful is also a high ranking event listing site. You do have to sign up and log in but it is free.
  10. Facebook is one of the most heavily reached event listing platforms – You would need to access the event creator though your business page or through your personal page, but the number of people you can reach when well shared is excellent. Don’t forget to add images and an excellent description.
  11. Style Blue Print has an event page you can add events to. They no longer have an event submission form, but you can send a request by email. – Current StyleBlueprint advertisers have free access to submit events and happenings. Otherwise, each listing is $99 per city and will stay up until the event is over. The 501(c)(3) rate is $49 per city
  12. Find writers that you think would be interested in your event and send them an invitation or information to your event. It is often appreciated if you can offer them some sort of gift or benefit for their time investment, such as free tickets or even compensation, although many are simply happy to collaborate. As an example, you may find a favorite writer at a publication like Insider Louisville, The Alcohol Professor, LEO Weekly, Thrillist or some other online publication. Follow them, contact them through whatever preferred means they offer and just be nice when you make your request. Being humble and honest are also always appreciated in this field.
  13. Kentucky monthly has an event submission tool here:
  14. Louisville Visual Art Association contact page:
  15. For events that are on or through the waterfront park
  16. Louisville Business Events Calendar – you need to create an account to add events
    (Have an event coming up? Get the word out and target thousands of influential leaders in the local business community. List all of your upcoming events on our Business Events Calendar starting at $99 or $199 each.)
  17. Partner with the Brown Hotel – Sarah Ivey Estes Public Relations
  18. Greater Louisville Inc Event page – Submit form here:
  19. Submit an en event to the Courier-Journal
  20. Place an ad with the Courier-Journal
  21. Add your event to Yelp – this does require logging in.
  22. Meet up -adding events by contacting local group leaders
    Use the search tool to find groups you think would be interested in your event and message the leader of the group with an invitation to host a meeting at your event. Most leaders are interested in anything that might be helpful or fun for their members. It is always in good taste to offer a discount or free benefit or other form of incentive to share with the group if they decide to hold a meet up at your event.…
  23. event submission page has a form, Step outside is an outdoor events and activities driven site. Anything active or outside and physical would be ideal.
  24. Flyover Media Group (previously insider Louisville)
  25. Kentucky Living – A photo is required and can be uploaded with this form. Events submitted here also are considered for publication in the Kentucky Living magazine.
  26. Louisville Sustainability Council – The Louisville Sustainability Council (LSC) promotes a healthy environment, strong economy, and the well-being of the people living in Louisville, Kentucky. The LSC’s free community calendar is for sustainability-related events in our region. Relevant events will be posted within 48 hours.
  27. Voice Tribune – Add events to the Voice Tribune / Red Pin Media online using An image is required for consideration. You will need to have or set up an account, through the evvnts survive. They can offer a free listing or starting at $25 they offer a multiple listing service. 
  28. Start-up Louisville -share your event if it has to do with start-up entrepreneurial or technology activities.
  29. Add your event to the Republic Bank First Friday Hop Artist Community – Most events happen on the First Friday of the month but anything art related can be submitted.
  30. The Louisville Halloween Website and event listing is good for anything Halloween related or happenings that occur in the fall.
  31. The River City Races website is good for racing, running, walking or other similar events
  32. Add your event to the News and Tribune – it is a Southern Indiana publication but it covers Louisville events. You can submit by clicking the light blue button on the right side of the aside section on the events page.
  33. Add your event to the Fund For the Arts, Art link events page. It is not a form. You must send an email to but you must follow the specific format as requested on the page. (*Note: Please see App Guidelines listed below to ensure your event qualifies.)
  34. – there is limited access to this event listing page. You must have a login. You do not need to be a student to have a account, but you do have to receive one from the school by request. The event submission button is hidden on the bottom of the page on the right in the small red text.
  35. Tops Lexington, our neighbor to the South East. You can list here, but it needs to be a large event to be approved.
  36. WHAS 11 Add an event
  37. AARP events for a mature audience but also good for family events. You must make or have an account to post events to this listing page.
  38. Add your event to the News Enterprise. This news site does require an account and log in to submit an event. (Sign in using your The News-Enterprise account)
  39. Fleet Feet of Louisville accepts race events to the site. You might be able to submit other types of running or walking events that can be made a shoe or run related. These events are reviewed by Joel, who is really nice. So if you have any questions you can ask him.
  40. 1o Times Event listing tool —
  41. Ruckus is an independent writing and review collaborative that seeks to promote artists, curators, and institutions that are committed to visual excellence by way of critical dialogue in the city and region of Louisville, KY. Use the page to submit new work.
  42. If you would like to tell us about an upcoming arts-related event in our community, please send the information or press release to
  43. Artebella Submission on the Louisville Visual Art pages. Artebella seeks to become a destination web site for artists, art collectors, galleries, and businesses to go to for information regarding the Louisville visual art community.