Fall Season Tour Hosted by The Alley Theater Arts Caravan

Fall Season Tour

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 · Hosted by The Alley Theater Arts Caravan
The Alley Theater Arts Caravan

633 West Main, Louisville, Kentucky 40202

If you missed our debut at Smoketown Getdown or Pride Festival, come join us at any of these popular events where we will be touring with The Arts Caravan.

Our season includes the following shows:

Improv Challenge- Don’t miss out on this “whose line is it anyway” type of show and watch two local causes representatives improv their way to a cash prize.

Prehistoric Problems- This 10-minute play premiered at the New Voices Humana Festival, by local teenage playwright, Aiden Phillips, features two gay stegosaurus that adopt a T-rex in an end of world prehistoric time. Featuring local actors: Andrew Mertz, Craig Nolan Highley, Clinton Craddock, Elliott Talkington, and Spencer Korcz.

Amorica- Written by Nick Zagone, this 10-minute, anti-capitalist play, features an American inventor, Bob, who gets screwed by the system. Featuring local actors: Andrew Mertz, Anna Shelton, Armani DeJesus, Clinton Craddock, Elliott Talkington, Hannah Marie Connally, Matt Scheibert and Spencer Korcz

Blessing- An Arts Caravan original, written by our very own Andy Szuran, this 10-minute play features a daughter whose clueless mom doesn’t understand she’s a lesbian and thinks her girlfriend is a dog. Featuring local actresses: Jomaris DeJesus and Macreena Groody.

West Wing- Publshed by Cry Havoc Company and written by Jenny Kirlin, this 10-minute play features two white house employees who argue about the effectiveness of the current elected president: a pigeon! Featuring local actors: Andrew Mertz and Spencer Korcz, and Anna Shelton and Hannah Marie Connally . The Jefferson County Chapter of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth tours with us for this play and educate the audiences about the importance of voting and how to prevent “pigeons” to end in office or what to do once they’re in it.

One Shoe Blues- Adapted by our very own Andrew Mertz, from author Sandra Boyton’s book by the same title, this children’s puppet show musical features BB King’s popular song. It will be premiered at Garvin Gate Blues festival.

Check out the events’ pages:

Beechmont Community festival 09/23

Nulu Festival 09/30

Louisville UnFair 10/06

Garvin Gate Blues Festival 10/14

Via Colori 10/21

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