First Friday May – COLOR from Cletus Wilcox at Tim Faulkner Gallery

Opening Reception:
May 5th 6pm-11pm on the Republic Bank First Friday Hop
This show will hang through May 31st.

Cletus Wilcox, a New Albany resident, was born and raised in the Highlands of Louisville, Kentucky. In 2001 Cletus moved away from Louisville and for the next 15 years consistently traveled around the United States. Cletus’ unique experience of America was essentially a study in American diversity. This patch work perspective of the American identity is the foundation for his current exhibition at the Tim Faulkner Gallery. Cletus’ work centers around the processes of creating art without preconceived ideas or concepts in regards to the end result. Being completely open in this process allows the pieces complete freedom to create themselves. «It’s hard for me to consider myself an artist. Due to the lack of drafted design and constraint in the art I am involved with I tend to feel I am more of a steward to the piece rather than the creator.»

Cletus Wilcox’s spring exhibition at the Tim Faulkner gallery, entitled «COLOR», is an exploration of the current political, social and cultural climates in the contemporary American experience. This study of American society attempts to use abstraction through the use of color and texture to explore gay rights and the modern day women’s movement. The exhibition features original mixed media works on both canvas and paper.

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