First Light Gallery presents “Reborn” exhibition by award winning, rising Louisville artist, Rebecca Rose

First Light Gallery presents “Reborn”, a fine art photography exhibition by award-winning, rising Louisville artist, Rebecca Rose. “Reborn” is a metaphorical representation of the healing process inspired by inner-child therapy. The goal is to illustrate scenes where imagination can flow freely, to see as a child again, still lucid with original innocence and untainted by societal conditioning or environmental influences. Each piece represents a distinct fragment of Rebecca’s experience with this healing work.

Please come join us in support, enjoyment, and discussion of the Arts and this new series by Rebecca Rose; aligned with First Friday Hop on August 3, from 5-9pm.

“Reborn” by Rebecca Rose


Exhibition Dates:          August 3 – September 29, 2018 

Where:                         First Light Gallery, 1009 East Main Street, Louisville, KY 40206



In the book, The Mastery of Love, Don Miguel Ruiz quotes, “The happiest moments in our lives is when we are playing just like children, when we are singing and dancing, when we are exploring and creating just for fun.”

Part of reviving the child spirit within is to approach creativity as a process-oriented activity without the pressure of expressing ideas realistically. With this concept, I am granted the ability to move unconstrained, like brushstrokes with no destination, while maintaining common visual elements throughout the work

In this series, the objects and locations were carefully considered and are correlated with visions of familiar landscapes from my own child mind’s eye. My process involves compositing multiple photographs, digital manipulation, multi-artist collaboration, and the use of slow shutter techniques.

Contact:  Andrew J. McCawley – (502) 724-0175 –

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