Flame Run Features: Ann Klem Glass

LOUISVILLE, KY (August 16th, 2017) – Flame Run is exhibiting the work of Louisville artist, Ann Klem, in “Feature: Ann Klem Glass.”

Each piece of Klem’s art glass reveals her love of the design and creation process, the taste for technical challenges and the beauty of a well-finished piece. Strongly influenced by geometry, repeatable patterns, and phenomena such as crop circles, Klem designs her pieces for beautiful yet functional art.

Klem stated, “My ‘engineered’ approach to designing glass creations comes from an earlier career in computers and designing accurate, predictable, complex processing systems. My lifelong love of color extensively influences the components incorporated into the finished pieces, and my love of working with my hands pushes the shaping and polishing steps I use to give a professional, artful finish.” 

Beginning with large sheet glass, Klem creates custom pieces, incorporating one into another, assembling and fusing them together. She then slices, grinds, sandblasts, or extensively shapes the resulting glass to enhance the visual impact of the piece. Further firings, shapings, and polishings produce finished trays, vessels and sculptures.

“Features: Ann Klem Glass” will be on display September 1st through November 11th, with an opening reception coinciding with First Friday Gallery Hop 6-9pm the evening of the September 1st. A live glass blowing demo by Flame Run artists will take place in the studio at 7pm

ANN KLEM Flame Run

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Tiffany Ackerman 
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