‘Freeze State: Dissociating From The Here And Now’ at Swanson Contemporary

‘Freeze State: Dissociating From The Here And Now’

Freeze state: to become fixed or motionless; a reaction to specific stimuli, most commonly observed in prey animals. Curators Nicholas Cook and KCJ Szwedzinski invited local and regional printmakers to illustrate what stopped them in their tracks, be it phobias, trauma or even politics. As with artist Monica Stewart, it can be something used daily. “I realized what a complicated relationship I have with my phone and social media,” she said. “Using my phone can simultaneously make me feel overwhelmed by current events … and disconnected from my surroundings. This phenomenon is formidable to contemplate, let alone the controversy and questionable tactics of phone manufacturers themselves and their impact on our planet and humanity.” The reception is during the March 1 Republic Bank First Friday Hop from 6 to 8 p.m.


Swanson Contemporary

quoted directly from https://www.leoweekly.com/event/freeze-state-dissociating-%E2%80%A8the-now/

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