Galt Artist in Residence Announced!

The Galt House Hotel has just announced that the first Artist in Residence for the Galt House is Gibbs Rounsavall.  Gibbs is a Louisville native and the geometric abstract painter who was in the back corner of the studio.  He was selected by the AIR Selection Committee which was made up of 12 members of the Louisville art committee.

Event: Meet the Galt Artist in Residence – Gibbs Rounsavall
Date: 6/7/19
Time: 5pm
Venue: Galt House Hotel – 3rd Floor
Event page:

Gibbs will be at the Galt through February 2020 and plans to move into his studio immediately. The first installation will start this month and we think you will enjoy seeing it as it progresses.  He is very excited about starting and we look forward to welcoming him with open arms.  You will see him in various parts of the hotel as he sketches, paints, and photographs different parts of the hotel.  He’s already thinking about what he wants to leave as his Galt legacy piece in February!

So a little bit about the first Galt House AIR – Gibbs

  1. Featured in Louisville Magazine’s “13 Artists You Need to Know Now”
  2. His work can be seen at the KICC
  3. Gibbs’ art mural at Shelby Park is known as one of the most Instagrammable spots in Louisville
  4. Has a creative family, a wife who is a food stylist and two daughters.
  5. Was a high school art teacher.

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