garner narrative now open curbside/delivery/online! be safe & support local art & galleries

How are we all going to art… with an indefinite closure to in-person gallery traffic @ garner narrative?

No worries, we’ve got this.

1. view (and shop!) from our current group show
(It’s only partly viewable online right now, but the rest is to come! we promise. Email or text (502) 303-7259 if you’d like a better look and more info, like prices. We show art by many photos, by video, by videochat, we ship and curbside and deliver.)

Wendi Smith’s Green
Donté K. Hayes The Oracle of WiFi Brings Access Sole
Andre Raynell Seagraves’ Mauve
Mary Helen Yates’ Fallen

2. shop our online gallery 
Mary Craik (textiles)
Angie Reed Garner (painting)
Will Garner (painting)
Leslie Perrino (metalsmithing)

additional artists to come 

3. shop our gallery artists

Let us know what you are interested in (artist? size? price? content? media?) and we pull together options and do a virtual showing.

Video shows you things that you can’t see in a static photo, like all the details, and how light bounces and changes the color of the work. It also shows you the work in the comfort of your own home without distractions.

Via videochat you can consider a piece of art from the exact space in your home where you might want to hang it. Videochat is not a way of presenting art we ever would have explored before COVID, but we are now fans. Your comfy chair! Your own snacks! Art!

Hang in there with us! Support artists and local galleries, and put something powerful, meaningful and/or beautiful in your home. 2021 will bring some developments. Great news to come… watch this space! (Hint—we are expanding. Really.)

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