Grackle Band

Grackle is an original quintet based out of Louisville, Kentucky.
Formed in 2015, the band released their 10-song debut album,
Wintergarden, in 2016, garnering wide critical acclaim and hundreds of
FM Radio spins (Including rotation on WFPK).  The band is comprised of
Steve Katsikas (vocals, keyboards), Myra Kean (Violin, Sax, Flute)
Jeff Gard (Drums), Steve Dietrich (Bass), and Joanna Katsikas

The band creates a style of music that is somewhat outside the
mainstream (though might be described as “piano-driven indie rock”).
A unique aspect of the band’s instrumentation is that they are
“proudly guitar-less”, preferring the flexibility and fluidity of
keyboards interwoven with violin and saxophone to deliver the songs.
Accessible melodies are couched in keyboard-driven compositions that
twist-and-turn through dense arrangements and atmospheric interludes.
The band has performed regularly since 2015, including shows in
Louisville, Chicago, and Cincinnati.

The band was formed by Katsikas and Gard, who had played together in
the avant-garde jazz rock band, French TV, and were looking to
collaborate on a series of compositions that were more
singer-songwriter driven.  Adding Dietrich, the band performed for a
year as a trio and, most recently, added multi-instrumentalist Myra
Kean and backing vocalist Joanna Katsikas, to round out their sound.

The band has its own PA system and can perform up to 3 hours of mostly
original music (with some select “off the wall” covers).

The band is actively seeking opportunities to perform in the region
and share the music.

For more information, contact Steve Katsikas at
and visit the band’s website, which has links to live and studio
recordings, as well as addiitonal information, at

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