Hello Country Bumpkin: Country Music Headquarters


When retiree Don Kidwell’s craving some live country music, he usually has to cross the county line to find it.

There aren’t many options for him in Louisville or Clarksville, Indiana – where he now lives, he said. So he often has to seek venues with a drive. Hopefully, that will change when he opens Hello Country Bumpkin, a bar that will offer live country and western music in Butchertown. This month, Kidwell filed an application for a liquor license at 1032 Story Ave., a building formerly home to the Do Drop Inn.
People will probably recognize that name as the place known for “Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music.”
“It had a large dance floor that was known in the area,” Kidwell said Thursday. “… The younger generation don’t remember the Do Drop Inn, but I’m sure their parents do. People who like older style country music and that type of thing.”

The building is located near the intersection of Story Avenue and Main Street, in the same area as the Copper & Kings distillery, Play Louisville and a proposed Butchertown Pizza Hall.

The Do Drop Inn closed more than a decade ago, but its 1,200-square-foot dance floor has remained through multiple reinventions. Kidwell said he plans to keep it that way for his bar, which is expected to open by May. His business’s name, Hello Country Bumpkin, comes from a Cal Smith song, and he hopes to eventually paint a mural invoking the country spirit on one of the building’s exterior walls.
Inside, the venue will have a full bar that will serve appetizers at first and a full menu down the road. There will be a pool table and a jukebox when there isn’t live music, and a stage for various acts when there is.

Kidwell is leasing the space from property owner the Story Avenue Corporation. He said he’s never owned his own bar before, but he’s worked for years as a bartender and hopes to provide a space that’s currently missing in downtown Louisville.

“I anticipate being open, and if they want good, live music – country and western – that’s the place they’ll want to come,” Kidwell said.

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