“It’s so hot we’re making the bourbon balls naked.” (The Bourbon balls not the people.)

Sarah G., one of the many brilliant minds behind Cellar Door Chocolates sat down to talk 10th Anniversary, chocolate, dog rescue, Downtown Louisville Love, and why they are “making their Bourbon Balls Naked!” Yes, naked. Thanks to the incredible heat this summer, Cellar Door is now making the bourbon balls naked, a process you can view up-close and personal from the public side of their glass walled bean-to-bar production kitchen in Butchertown.

Making Naked Bourbon Balls at Cellar Door: a dramatic reenactment Now, before you start envisioning a more risque version of Lucille Ball’s famous entrepreneurial chocolate adventure happening on the back side of the Butchertown Market I should clarify; it’s the buxom bourbon balls going au natural, not the fine chocolate slinging staff. Sitting in the brisk production space, a fully clad Sarah explained, “Chocolate is very sensitive to heat so we have had to make some accommodations.” including undressing the bourbon balls which normally are ostentatiously robed in shimmering individual colors to signify their interior flavor.

RBFFH: “So you are not naked while you make the chocolates?” 

Sarah G:“No, not at all! It’s 40 degrees back there, we would all freeze to death! Ha! All 16 flavors look the same, like a classic box, and we get super organized before we foil everything.”

Each of the 16 newly nude chocolate pieces will now be bearing all in the open window of a classic museum-style chocolate box. The change is not permanent though. “Naked” bourbon balls will be available on a limited basis as dictated by the weather. So, if you are a minimalist, enamored with with enjoying a decadently unpretentious box of unadorned chocolates, snag some while it’s hot.

What else is happening at Cellar Door? Each Saturday in July the downtown location (601 A South Fourth St.) has been featuring adoptable friends from Saving Sunny, Fat Heads, Barktown Rescue, The Arrow Fund and the Kentucky Humane Society in order to raise money for their foundations, with a huge Paw-ty on July 29th to celebrate their 1oth anniversary of chocolate making. The 10th anniversary will celebrate turning 70 in dog years with the pups they love so much including adoptable pups and awesome treats for both 4 legged and 2 legged friends.

Cellar Door Chocolates, one of our featured Republic Bank First Friday Hop hot spots, can be found in 3 locations: Butchetown Market, South 4th Street, and Oxmoor Mall, but that is not the only place you can find the fab confections. They are staking out some serious territory all over Louisville from comic conventions to Haute Couture boutiques. They have pioneered one of Louisville’s first bean to bar cafes (with a glassed-in area open to public viewing), and have shared over 40,000 pieces of chocolate as the official chocolate of events like “Creative Arts and Primetime Emmys” and “Churchill Downs and Secretariat.” Get all the info on the confection masters on their website and latest press release listed below.



Erika Chavez-Graziano, Owner
Sarah Gaither, Client Liaison
Cellar Door Chocolates
601a South 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Cellar Door Chocolates Turns 70!
Celebrating their 10th Anniversary in Dog Years

Louisville, KY June 27th, 2017 – Cellar Door Chocolate announces the celebration of their 10th year in
business with a community wide event giving back to our less fortunate four legged friends. “The
community has played a big part in our success and we have decided to give our ten year anniversary to
the dogs.” – Erika Chavez Graziano – Cellar Door Chocolates. For the entire month of July, Cellar Door
Chocolates will be giving 10% of each purchase from the downtown location to a different animal
foundation. Their downtown location will be serve as a pop up adoption facility and on July 29th they
will be hosting a huge celebration with multiple local businesses and any of the remaining un-adopted pets!

Each Saturday in July the downtown location (601 A South Fourth St.) will feature adoptable friends
from Saving Sunny, Fat Heads, Barktown Rescue, The Arrow Fund and the Kentucky Humane Society in
order to raise money for their foundations and hopefully help some furry friends find forever homes.
The downtown location will also feature pup attire from The Mysterious Rack and Handmade by Peake
to encourage any current dog owners that are coming to the party to participate in our best dressed contest!

The Paw-ty on July 29th will include adoptable pups from Saving Sunny Inc., Fat Heads, Barktown
Rescue, The Arrow Fund, The Kentucky Humane Society as well as goodies from Eight Up, Brendan’s
Catch 23, The Comfy Cow, Macaron Bar, The Highland Dog and Rocko’s Rewards. Cellar Door
Chocolates is thrilled to have this opportunity to celebrate their success with such great groups
throughout our community and are looking forward to seeing all of you there!

About Cellar Door Chocolates
Cellar Door Chocolates opened in 2007 as a small batch wholesale chocolate confectionery in Louisville,
KY with a reputation for handmade truffles, buttercreams, sea-salt caramels and a wide selection of
other chocolate treats. Since then Cellar Door has opened not one but three retail locations, traveled
to Los Angeles, CA and shared over 40,000 pieces of chocolate as the official chocolate sponsor of the
66th, 67th and 68th Creative Arts and Primetime Emmys. As well as becoming the official chocolate of
Churchill Downs and Secretariat. For more information, please visit us at any of our three locations or at:


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