House of Medal at St. John’s Art Spot for First Friday

St. John’s Art Spot (637 E. Market) in front of St. John United Church of Christ featuring “House of Medal – two twin sisters creating one of a coin jewelry in Louisville KY.” – with the artists.

One of a kind handmade jewelry from antique, vintage, & modern world coins.

Find us in stores @ Red Tree, 5-0 Lou, Awesome Opossum, & The Blossom Shop.

House of Medal is the collaborative effort of Louisville natives and twin sisters, Rachel and Sarah Mudd. Founded as a creative outlet to balance the formality of their 8-5 desk jobs, House of Medal pays homage to their late father (a collector of old and foreign coins) and a late dear family friend, a woman who, along with their mother, always encouraged and supported their creative endeavors.

The sisters have been creating pieces of jewelry for family and friends since they were in the single digits, but began focusing their efforts on coin based designs around December, 2014. They fell in love with the idea that a coin can bring back a memory for someone (perhaps of a vacation or mission trip), pay homage to one’s heritage, or simply be aesthetically pleasing to the wearer.

House of Medal strives to make their pieces as affordable as possible so everyone who wants to own an item can. With few exceptions, all of House of Medal’s pieces are one of a kind and unique. The sisters love creating custom pieces for clients wanting to utilize their own coins or ideas. The House of Medal mission is to always put their customers first and to make sure the people who own their jewelry are happy with their items. After all, the wearers of their jewelry are the people who allow them to fulfill their dream.

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