How are you doing a group show at garner narrative

642 east market street louisville kentucky 40202 (502) 303-7259

How are you doing

a group show

October 21 – January 20, 2021

Dana Ellyn

Angie Reed Garner

Joyce Garner

Will Garner

Derek Goodwin

Melissa Hall

Donté K. Hayes

MaLynda Poulsen

Andre Raynell Seagraves

Wendi Smith

Norman Spencer

Keith Stone

Mary Helen Yates

How are you doing opens on October 21st, and runs through the presidential inauguration in 2021.

The show began with curiosity and concern about the COVID-19 impacts on our artists. Artmaking is a marginal activity; very few people make art in optimal situations. Some artists’ genius is to pull rabbit paintings out of whatever hat is at hand.

Adversity might be a catalyst for creativity but actual, sustained artmaking requires some combination of time, money, space & health. It’s famously difficult to have the first three all at once (pick two! only two!), and blows to health tend to destabilize all the rest. These realities also explain the racial equity demands of #OccupyNulu, as resources and health itself are distributed in Louisville with nothing like fairness.

The pandemic shutdown disrupted our gallery schedule. We delayed shows again and again while we all got a better look at the realities of 2020 gallery life. That scenario changed weekly if not daily under COVID-19, in combination with the struggle for justice for Breonna Taylor and other victims of police violence, NuLu anti-gentrification protest & racial equity demands, and the fluctuating willingness of the art-going public to experience art in person with whatever kinds of precautions.

It seems that 2020 has been worrisome and disorienting but also revelatory in the usual ways that artists make it work and deliver. A few longtime gallery artists were unable to participate; some new artists appear for the first time.

The gallery is open for regular business hours Wed-Sun 1-6, and by arrangement. Our COVID-19 policy keeps our staff artists and guests as safe as possible. We admit only one masked contact group at a time and provide masks and sanitizer. Appointments are available, though walk-up admittance is usually possible without delay. Please ring the doorbell for entry.

Attached files:

Joyce Garner “work in progress 2020”
Will Garner “take another step in your own time”
Melissa Hall “Vita Interruptus”
Donté K. Hayes “The Oracle of WiFi Brings Access”
garner narrative contemporary fine art
Wed-Sun 1-6 and by appointment; during COVID-19, one contact group at a time

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