Industrial Wastelands Solo Exhibition from Dean Thomas Hosted by Tim Faulkner Gallery

When one uses the phrase “an industrial wasteland” it immediately evokes both thoughts and images of danger, filth, decay, and disregard. A place that once produced, but has become a home for the used and discarded leftovers of human need. Most see these places as an eyesore, nothing more than a dump. Dean Thomas sees things differently. Rusted barrels, jagged strips of metal, broken wooden pallets, chipped and stained cinder blocks, these are his friends. “My heart goes out to these rusting and weathering parts,” he says. “By painting them, I am in a sense reusing them, thereby honoring their lives and maybe even all the people who manufactured and worked with them.” This attitude of adoration is clear in his depictions of these “cacophonous junk depositories.” Obviously, not only because of his desire to render them at all but also because of his gentle approach, adept brush and masterful use of light. These scenes become lovely ugliness, beautiful wastelands; truly an oxymoron on canvas that challenges the viewer to let go of the obvious and recognize the immorality of the past.

Opening Reception & Meet the Artist: January 4th 2019 6pm-11pm
This show will hang throughout the month of January. Gallery is open daily.

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