International Tap House – Louisville ‎First Firkin Friday

Join us on the first Friday of the month for a special fresh firkin tapping!

The first Friday of the month we’ll tap a fresh firkin uniquely filled just for iTAP at 5pm and stick around for live music featuring Amber Steele Music at 7pm! Stay tuned for featured brewery, beer, and their special variation on the beer!

You may be thinking “what the heck is a firkin?”

A firkin, also known as a “cask” is just another vessel for storing and serving beer. Instead of the standard refrigerated keg method where the beer is charged with C02 inside the keg, and pushed out to serve with more CO2, the brewers add a pinch of sugar and yeast to naturally create carbonation. To serve the beer we hammer (literally) a faucet into the firkin and use the wonderful power of gravity to get the beer in your glass. This was how a majority of British beers were served back in the day, and it’s a fun way to experience beers whose character is tweaked by the different carbonation method. The firkin also allows the brewer to get creative and add things like an extra hop sack, or fun fruits and spices to make special, one-off additions of their product. Every month we’ll post about the special variation we’ll be getting of the beer, so stay tuned!

Hot news on First Friday: