Iron and Lace Hosted by Honeysuckle Moonshine Boudoir

Iron and Lace
800 Tower City Club Apartments
Saturday, August 1, 2020 at 2 PM – 10 PM
Public · Hosted by Honeysuckle Moonshine Boudoir
This is my first public viewing and gallery style show of my sculpture and my photography together. Over the past couple years I have worked passionately at not perfecting my craft, but getting to a point that I feel ready to share my work, and as terrifying as it is, I am overwhelmingly excited to be In this moment. Please join me for some food and a good time, at this silent auction style charity event and installation, some of the proceeds going to the Louisville Humane society. I hope to see some of you out! Oh, and please, for everyone’s safety, though this will be a rooftop, open air event, bring your masks. Love you all!!

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