Jacob Floyd’s NuLu History and Haunts Tour


Take a walk down the most haunted street in Kentucky with the NuLu History and Haunts Tour. We’ll talk about some tales from the past and the ghosts they left behind! Tour begins at the corner of East Market and South Hancock next to Southern Tire Service at 9:30 pm, only $10 per person, cash only.

About the tour:

Jenny and Jacob are passionate guides who have done some serious homework on the history haunts and architecture of NULU and Louisville. They take history and weave an absolutely entrancing story about each stop. Hear the tales of unsolved local history, bust some myths and step back in the foot steps of our incredibly rich local history through the eyes of Louisville’s most interesting paranormal enthusiasts.

Can’t get enough?

Good news! Jacob Floyd’s NuLu History and Haunts Tour goes perfectly with an new edition of: Louisville’s Strange and Unusual Haunts. 

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