Join us for a series of talks with KMAC Triennial Crown of Rays artists

Join us for a series of talks with KMAC Triennial Crown of Rays artists
Triennial Exhibition Photo
Artist Talks
Vinhay Keo

Sept 28, 12:30pm​
In conjunction with the Moreman Gallery, KMAC will be hosting a public conversation with KMAC Triennial artist Vinhay Keo. Keo will discuss his Triennial work and his overall practice, which addresses his identity as a second-generation Cambodian refugee. Following Keo’s presentation, the artist and visitors will travel across the street to the Moremen Gallery to view Keo’s solo exhibition, “Dancing in Darkness”.

The conversation will begin 12:45pm, with the artist moving to Moremen Gallery around 1:30pm.

Hunter Stamps and John Harlan Norris

October 26, 2-3pm​
You’re invited to hear from KMAC Triennial artists Hunter Stamps and John Harlan Norris as they speak about their KMAC Triennial pieces, their respective artistic practices, and what it means to be contemporary artists in Kentucky. Stamps and Norris both approach bodily forms in their work, though Stamps’ ceramic objects and Norris’ graphic paintings provide vastly different ways to approach shared themes. After each presentation, audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions in the galleries with the artists’ work present.

Bette Levy and Philis Alvic

November 9, 2-4pm​
Visit during our November Family Fun Day to meet with and learn from KMAC Triennial fiber artists Bette Levy and Philis Alvic. From 2-3pm, Alvic will demonstrate the use of her floor loom and Levy will have on hand examples of her crochet and embroidery objects for visitors to interact with closely. Both artists will be taking questions about the materials on display.

At 3:15pm, Alvic and Levy will join KMAC Curator Joey Yates for a public conversation on how they make their art, the history of the materials they use, the similarities and differences of their respective practices, and more.

Additional Events for KMAC Triennial
November 2nd, 3:00-4:00pm
Photography Discussion hosted by Ruckus
Panelists will include Triennial artist Casey James Wilson

November 7th, 2:00-3:00pm
Conversation and Sound Performance featuring Triennial artists Aaron Rosenblum and Andrew Cozzens

November 23rd, 5:30-6:30pm
Conversation featuring Triennial artists Lori Larusso and Elizabeth Mesa-Gaido

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