Koi Gallery at the Galt House Hotel

The beauty of stones has fascinated jewelry designer Delanor since she was a child. As she has traveled the world, immersing herself in the history, culture and peoples of the countries she visited, her love of artistic expression began to take on its own voice. That voice reflects the passion of an artist who has a keen appreciation for the importance and mysterious beauty of the stones and beads that are so much a part of history and of the diverse people who have created sometimes subtle, other times bold, legacies that endure for their singular beauty and powerful aesthetic statements.

Each time she designs a piece of jewelry, she’s acutely aware of the meditative and learning processes that result from handling beads from all corners of the earth. She considers designing to be a journey, one in which she continually explores and relishes the exquisite interplay of shape, color and texture as they meld into one piece that she hopes will be treasured as much as she loved bringing it to life.

Established in 2008

Monday and Tuesday by appointment
Wednesday- Saturday 12-6
Sunday 10-2

Free parking with purchase
Downtown free delivery
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Original gemstone and sterling silver jewelry, oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, photography, fiber, clay sculptures, paper sculpture, wire work, leather, wood, stained glass, hand dyed silk clothing and accessories, hand painted ties,
kaleidoscope, art purses and other forms of art. Award winning milliner created hats for women and men as well as fascinators Facetime available for shopping and purchase
Shipping available worldwide

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