“La Muse Noire” by Colin Simmons Opening Reception at Avenue E Gallery

Artist statement

“When this project began, I had no idea just how powerful and humbling it would be. The one request I gave to the models during the process was to be yourself. I wanted, not to focus on props, editing techniques or theatrical story lines, but the woman herself. Her essence, energy, body and soul. From there, I just became a small part of what has turned in to the most enlightening experience of my career… so to come see this gallery show, you aren’t really coming to see my work, but theirs. So many gracious thanks to everyone involved. You all have created this, and I hope to see every one of you! The show will be up for the month of February, and will have two black tie openings. This is the first, on February 2nd on the First Friday Hop followed by the second on February 17th. Also, MANY thanks to the gallery owners and partnership for helping me make this happen!” – Colin Simmons


Avenue E

536 S. Fourth Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40220

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