Local artist Ewa Perz for her FIRST solo exhibit at Revelry

THIS Friday in conjunction with the Republic Bank First Friday Hop local artist Ewa Perz for her FIRST solo exhibit!

Revelry is pleased to present Water Strokes an exhibit featuring new oil paintings by local Polish artist Ewa Perz. Ewa has been exhibiting with Revelry for many years and we cannot wait to host her FIRST solo show! Expect to see a lush array of blue and green hues with splashes of color in these beautiful, abstract figurative renditions of seascapes and rich deep ocean scenes. Ewa employs minimal color combinations to emphasize the simple beauty found in the natural hues of water landscapes and the effect is moving – transporting the viewer into each visually captivating composition.

WHO: Ewa Perz
WHAT: Water Strokes
WHEN: Friday, November 3rd, 7-10pm (closing November 29th)
WHERE: Revelry Boutique Gallery, 742 E Market St, Louisville KY 40202
“I am always fascinated by the colors of the sea. I can’t name them all, they are never the same. They are always changing, influenced by the quality of the light and how the light is transmitted, scattered, reflected or absorbed by components of the water. I use water as a main subject or merely as a background but each time I want to evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, energy or just calm and serenity.” – Ewa Perz
 Quiet Water with Boats

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