Busking in Louisville Kentucky

If you’re a busker:
– Get secure, one-click mobile payments and find a way to advertise easy pay (card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay).
– Gain fans, of course.
– Sell music, add your work to social platforms like youtube, Instagram and Facebook – CDs needed.
– Get hired for events, list your availability and rates on our site to reach our Louisville audience.
– Connect to others in the worldwide busker community! It’s a thing! You are part of a huge art form and movement, get out there and network.
If you’re a “fan” (i.e. not a busker):
– Find amazing street performers near you, in real time using follow #louisvillebusk #louisvilleartscene and #louisvillemusic
– Buskers take credit just ask! Tip buskers with secure, one-click cashless payments via Facebook, Square up or Apple pay.
– Become a “Fan” and follow your favorites online. Everyone had a social handle. Show some love online.
– Buy music straight to your phone, or better yet subscribe on Spotify or other platforms.
– Donate to the Louisville Busking Association. All Donations go directly to the busking community to support the artist in their creative pursuits.
– Hire a Busker. They engage audiences instantly! Buskers are sometimes just working for fun but many are full-time freelancers. Don’t hesitate to ask, nicely.
– Connect to the worldwide busker community! It’s an amazing art form. You won’t be disappointed.

Louisville Busking FAQ

Is Busking Legal in Louisville Kentucky?

To a large extent, free speech activities including public performance are strictly protected by the First Amendment.  Busking is not considered panhandling and is not treated as such.

Where can I Busk in Louisville Kentucky?

Downtown Louisville has a variety of locations appropriate for busking. Many small businesses in Downtown Louisville are very welcoming of street performers on or in front of their property. The First Friday of each month on the Republic Bank First Friday is a primary date for Busking activities in Downtown Louisville. On a normal weekday, there are over 40,ooo employees in the central business district with much-walking traffic around lunch and at 7pm. For detailed information about daily street traffic in Downtown Louisville to plan your performance location please see http://www.kipda.org/Transportation/TrafficCounts/

Can I busk for a charitable organization?

Charitable street solicitors who stand in street intersections throughout Louisville Metro collecting money for charity are required to obtain a permit from the department of CODES & REGULATIONS to give them the authority to be in the intersections.

Does Louisville have a Busking Holiday?

Yes! Louisville Kentucky celebrates street musicians and all music in June for the international holiday Fete de la Musique.

Does Louisville have a Busking Association or Busking Directory?

Yes! The Louisville Busking Association Busking Directory can be found here on this page. Please scroll down to search or to join this directory.

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