Music Alley Market Vendors

Please join us as an artist, vendor, musician, entrepreneur or another market booth type in the Music Alley Market space next to the Mercury Ballroom.

Artists and small business owners are welcome to set up for free at Music Alley Market each First Friday of the month from noon until 10pm. Music Alley Market can accommodate up to 20 vendors with a single 8′ or 10′ market table each. Artist to provide their own table and chairs. Booth locations are available on a first-come-first-set-up basis starting from the front of the Market and moving back.

What: Music Alley Market
Where: 613 south 4th street
When: First Friday of each month — Friday, June 7th Night Market & Old Fashioned Fortnight, noon – 10pmFriday, July 5th, noon – 10pmFriday, August 2nd, noon – 10pmFriday, September 6th, noon – 10pmFriday, October 4th, noon – 10pmFriday, November 1st, noon – 10pmFriday, December 6th, noon – 6pm
Cost to sell or set up a booth
: Free
Cost to attend: Free
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Friday, June 7th Night Market & Old Fashioned Fortnight, noon - 10pmFriday, July 5th, noon - 10pmFriday, August 2nd, noon - 10pmFriday, September 6th, noon - 10pmFriday, October 4th, noon - 10pmFriday, November 1st, noon - 10pmFriday, December 6th, noon - 6pmNot Sure YetAll

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As a vendor, you agree not to hold Republic Bank First Friday Hop, Music Alley Market, any of its subsidiaries, anyone employed or associated with the Market or the owners of the shared market space, responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen articles on market dates and further agree not to hold any of the aforementioned entities or persons responsible for any accidents or personal injuries, should they occur. I fully understand that Music Alley Market does not screen any participants, vendors, customers or visitors in the Market, and I fully understand and agree that I proceed at my own risk and assume all risks involved or associated with such Market; and I also agree that I proceed at my own risk and do assume all risks involved or associated with the goods I sell or give away, the services I provide, the assistance I give, and/or the work I perform.  I agree to accept full personal responsibility for the consequences of all my action and/or inaction associated with such Flea Market as well as the actions or inaction of my helpers (if any). I fully understand and do hereby release, discharge and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Music Alley Market, its employees, representatives, agents and volunteers, against any and all liability and loss for damages suffered by me, my helpers, and/or any third party, including property damage, personal injury and/or illness, which are caused by or in any way related to or arising out of my action or inaction, or the action or inaction of my helpers (if any) as a participant in such Market. I hereby represent to Music Alley market that I currently take all responsibility for or have liability insurance coverage on myself and on the business I represent, and I agree to maintain such insurance or personal responsibility while participating in such Market. 

By filling out this form or participating in this event you agree to all guidelines and liability policies set forth herein this document. This agreement between Music Alley Market, the community which maintains and promotes the event, and the vendor, will be binding on all parties.


  1. Please arrive early as space is limited and available first come first serve.
  2. Please bring your own table and chairs for the event. 
  3. You may set up a backdrop against only brick walls, Please attach, hang and lean nothing on the mural walls. 
  4. Please set up your table in the next available space along the wall starting from the front of the market. 
  5. All booths must leave a clear walking space in front of the booth area. 
  6. No booth tents will be permitted due to space constraints. 
  7. Please be courteous to your neighbor. This is a community of support and mutual promotion. 
  8. Load in is from South 4th street entrance or can be accessed through the connecting alleys.
  9. No cars are permitted on the painted alley area. 
  10. Tables may be set up in the areas with the blue dotted line.
  11. Musicians may set up in the red area. 
  12. To use the orange patio area (and electric plugs) please request permission from Belmar Baked and Cellar Door prior to the event date. 
  13. Restrooms can be found at serval businesses on the same block. Please be polite and respectful of each establishments restroom policy. 
  14. The Music Alley Market is an open market space. We do not have booth setters or staff on site. 
  15. The Market is Community run. Please join us in making suggestions to improve the event and to promote and advertise the event. 
  16. Join the closed group for artists:

Plan your parking and loading:

*All on-street parking free after 6 pm. During the day meters can be fed with cash or credit card or by Go502 app. Parking lots are highlighted with color and price for event/day rate. Loading is from the back of the alley or from the front of the alley. You may pull your car up and load in the pink zones noted on the map. If you stop at a meter during the day you may need to feed the meter. Please do not park in the loading zones and move your vehicle to a parking space as soon as you are loaded or unloaded.

Music Alley Market Space