Michael A Gorman Artist Statement – Hite

My work concerns human interactions with animal life. Human actions have damaged the environment and increased the rate of extinction to more than a thousand times the natural rate. However, this change has happened so gradually that we have become blind to it, or we choose to believe that our individual actions mean little considering the scale of the challenges.

Our alleyways are filled with materials that are imbued with our lived lives, and this makes them open to interpretation. My work creates pathways of dialogue into issues that are not always seen as problems. I draw in the viewer by creating playful and intimate pieces representative of animal life by utilizing post-consumer materials. The viewer becomes an investigator solving various puzzles, such as “what is this creature?” What is it made out of?” “How did it come to be?” And “what does it mean?” Through their curiosity I want viewers to understand the absurdity of mass extinction, and to grasp the tragic fact that animals that once populated our world are being replaced by our waste.

For more from Michael check out his website: www.michaelagorman.com or follow him on Instagram @michael_gorman

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