North and South 4th Street Hike the Hop Walking Route

Urban hikes are the rustic yet still cool cousin of walking: they normally follow a trail, often begin at a lower elevation and end at a higher one, and they’re longer and way more strenuous than your typical saunter to the corner for a cup of coffee. With more people getting into urban hiking as a new way to explore their own cities or to discover new ones, meet-up groups are spawning and city governments are mapping out urban trails. Ready to get hiking? We’ve compiled a variety of the best parts of Louisville to get your steps in and places to hit the pavement with a purpose. This up to bat is the Fourth Street Hike. Take this urban walk any time or join a group and do it on the Republic Bank First Friday Hop on the First Friday of every month to catch all the brand new gallery openings and fun street events.

Distance: 0.8 miles each way
Steps: ~1800 -2000 steps each way
Turns or Loops: 0
Elevations: Mostly Flat and Low, no hills
ADA: Yes
Weather: Outdoor uncovered
Transportation backup: Free TARC LouLift runs every 15 minutes from 7 am to 7 pm along the full length of the route should you need to stop the hike.
Parking: On street paid, $1.50 per hour or free after 6 pm, lots and garages on every block for $3-6 daily
Highlights: galleries, window shopping, food, visitor center, tourist attractions, local landmarks, street, and public art

North and South 4th Street Hike the Hop route on Google maps

Take a short Hike on the Republic Bank First Friday Hop on the North 4th to South 4th route.

This route is just over .8 miles from Main street to Broadway one way when you hike the length of 4th Street and should clock you in at around 2000 steps in each direction.

This route is mostly flat with clear paved sidewalks, public paths and should be fully ADA accessible with audio and visual walk signs, curb ramps and wide smooth paths. This path does not include bike lanes but traffic flows at bike-friendly speeds.

Featured on the 4th Street Hike starting from South 4th and ending a North 4th.

South 4th Street Business District – 7 galleries all on one block with local boutiques filled with fun local art and creatives and home items. 
  • AIR – Artist in residence at the Galt House Hotel Gallery
  • Kentucky International Convention Center – Art in the Halls
  • Louisville Visitor Center 
  • North Fourth Eatery Central 
  • Aegon Plaza park 
  • Fourth Street Live! 
  • Rathskeller Room at The Seelbach 
  • South Fourth Business District – 
    • – Block Party Hand Made Art Gallery
    • – Regalo Loft Gallery 
    • – Craft(s) Gallery and Mercantile 
    • – Cellar Door Galley wall
    • – Belmar Baked Cookie Art
    • – Art Eatables 
  • – Brown Gallery

Hot news on First Friday: