Photography Workshop: Geoffrey Carr at 1619 FLUX

Saturday, December 1ST

Photography Workshop: Geoffrey Carr

Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Photographer Geoffrey Carr will be at 1619 Flux on Saturday, December 1st from 12:00pm to 2:00pm to meet with visitors, show some of his past work, and head up a workshop for artists. Geoffrey has been a Commercial Photographer for over 30 years, and has won numerous awards locally and nationally for his photos. Geoffrey was a member and Director of thePyro CoOp Gallery and ran the Firehouse Gallery. Currently, he shares artist/work space at Carr-Waite Studio with fellow artist Caroline Waite.

The Photography Workshop will be brom 12pm to 2pm and will include:

The pros and cons of photographing your work yourself or hiring a professional

If you decide to DIY…

• What lighting to use

• How a camera sees vs your cell phone

• File specifications that galleries, magazines, and exhibitions require

• What the different pixel resolutions are used for

• General Workflow for documenting your work

• Computer software needed, along with the general use of Dropbox or GoolgeDrive for storage of your work

• Photographing 2D vs 3D work

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