Portfolio Preview! Design Inspo from our graphic design students at Hite

If you have been following us on Instagram you know we have been featuring the portfolios of our Graphic Design Students!

Scroll down for a round-up of some of our favorites and keep an eye on Instagram for more this week!

Lynn Ogawa
Nagisa is a grassroots, multi-issue organization that ultimately provides a solution in order to get our community to see each other as equals. It is an activist platform and educational hub of resources focusing on racial equality, LGBTQ+ equality, women’s empowerment, and conservation. The #nagisamovement pulls from historical movements (CBGB, Fluxus) and modern technologies (Resistbot) in order to create conversations and ultimately social change in local communities.

See more of Lynn’s work at lynnogawa.com

Logan Wells
Scribe Coffee & Tea is a passion project centered around a coffee and tea brand that pairs its blends with the authors of classic novels. For example, I paired Bram Stoker (the author of Dracula) with Scribe’s dark roast coffee. Ideally, book nerds like me would buy and prepare Scribe’s coffee/tea and feel a bit closer to their favorite authors in doing so.

See more of Logan’s work at loganwellsdesign.com

Susan Pallmann

Onward Together is an experimental create-your-own-adventure story with a multiplayer aspect. It was created as part of an honors thesis on using interaction design to improve the viewer’s retention of the story. The goal of the thesis was to develop a series of design principles for interaction design that should, based on research, improve memory, and create a resulting website based on and informed by these principles. The website itself was written, illustrated, designed, and developed from scratch.

See more of Susan’s work at susanpallmanndesign.com

Michael Chou
Passion Project: Color & Euphoria: 365 Days of Scribbling Volumes 1 & 2

The use of color has a significant effect on a brand’s visual identity, and there are consequences that occur from the various color juxtapositions. Color & Euphoria: 365 Days of Scribbling is an abstract color combination book documenting 365 drawings that visually consider these color juxtapositions in order to experiment and experience tonality and color semiotics.

See more of Michael’s work at michaelchoudesign.com.

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