Primitive Prohibited (Closing Reception) Hosted by The Normandy Gallery

Join us as we celebrate the final night of artist John Faughender‘s groundbreaking solo exhibition, Primitive Prohibited.

“With some evolutionary irony, the past 10,000 years of human existence has seen little to no progress in the size or operation of the brain. 90% of our time here has been as hunter/gatherers; during the latter 10 % we’ve made so much progress technologically that it’s causing a decline in our world’s sustainability. Modern civilizations have become a cesspool of floating images and information; a greater integration with technology and genetic engineering may catapult the human brain into the unknown. PRIMITIVE PROHIBITED is a collection of meta-modernist works analyzing the past and present as happening all at once; displaying the sublime nature of commercialism and ideas on utopia in a constant clashing state.”

The closing reception will take place at the Normandy Gallery on August 3rd. This is s ticket-less event, free and open to the public.

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