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Paul Schreck – Work in Wood

“Rebirth”, an exhibition by long-time PYRO Gallery member Bette Levy, opens on February 14, 2019, at the gallery’s location, 1006 East Washington Street, and lasts through March 23. Also showing in the gallery will be work in wood by Indiana artist, Paul Schreck.

An opening reception will take place on Friday, February 15 from 6-9 pm with a gallery talk on Saturday, February 16 at 10 am. Regular hours are Thursday through Saturday, from 12 noon to 6 pm, until 9 pm on first Fridays, and by special appointment with the artist.

Levy’s two previous exhibitions, “Before…” and “…And After” in 2016 and 2017 respectively, traced work created before and during her marriage to microsurgeon Robert Acland, as well as work created after his untimely death. “Rebirth” examines the new creative work produced in the three years since his loss.

While the word rebirth typically refers to an endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth, it also refers to the “action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline”, “a revival or renewal”, “a spiritual regeneration” (Google Dictionary). In June/July2018, Levy traveled to Japan as part of a World Shibori Symposium seminar and tour, supported in part by the Great Meadows Foundation.

The experiences there served to “jump start” Levy’s creative processes, which had previously lain dormant. This exhibition displays a wide and new variety of techniques, processes, and mediums, many of which were triggered by her travel experiences in Japan. Works in spun paper, knitted wire, and boro (the Japanese technique of mending and patching) will be shown, as well as more familiar techniques as large scale crochet on rusted objects and work with pig gut.

Levy’s work has changed somewhat from her earlier abstract stitched work to more symmetrical and gridlike structures. Levy says, “While my two previous exhibitions were a way for me to process the experience of her husband’s death, this exhibition is more experimental, more playful, a means for me to try out new methods and ways of working. I see it as a start of new directions and an opportunity to stretch my wings.


PYRO Gallery
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