Hike-the-Hop Wellness Programs

Hike-the-Hop is a free community walking for fitness and fun program as part of the Republic Bank First Friday Hop. Unique walking programs are a critical piece of every effective wellness program and Hike-the-Hop has been designed to run as a stand-alone fitness program for individuals and businesses, or as integration into an existing wellness incentive program for large organizations and corporations. There are a variety of Hop-opportunities that provide corporate fitness for your Louisville based company and all of them can be custom-tailored to fit the goals and objectives of your program.  We challenge all of our teams and companies in Downtown Louisville to join us for a fun and fit way to get to know your city with a free fun corporate fitness program.

Our programs can be tracked using a pedometer like Fitbit or it can be integrated into numerous wellness programs in the workplace. We also offer complete programs which include monthly walking challenges for employees that are map-based and goal based. 

Engage and offer an incentive for employees who are serious about managing their physical health as well as employees who are more interested in just having a little fun and supporting increased job satisfaction.

People from all walks of life can improve their health no matter if they’re a computer programmer or basketball player by adding a little walking and fresh air to their day. Each individual just needs the right invitation and guidance to give them the boost they need to be more physically healthy and is a team friendly way to reduce employee health care costs and improve employee health. Walking is the most popular aerobic physical activity. About 6 in 10 adults reported walking for at least 10 minutes in the previous week and the majority rate it as more enjoyable than any other fitness activity.

Seasons in session: All
Cost: Free
Custom Programs: Available to Hop Sponsors
Main Program Core: Walking
Minimum Physical Requirements: Ability to walk up to 600 feet (maximum distance between bus stops and average distance traveled inside tour spaces.)
Maximum Potential at Completion of Program: Walking up to 6 miles on a flat path with no grade change.
ADA: Yes
Safety: Walking has the lowest statistic rate of injury than any other major category of physical activity.
Goals Tracking: Fitbit or Map based step counting,
Incentives: Social events invitations, Outdoor activity & Friendly Competitive Goal tracking
Social Media Participation: #HiketheHop #FirstFridayFit #FirstFridayHop

Program options:

Walking tours on the Republic Bank First Friday Hop Corporate Fitness Hike-the-Hop Program:

South 4th Street – Short Distance, In/Outdoor Walking, Free
Starting from the Brown Gallery at the Brown Hotel you can hike the entire South 4th district in under a mile featuring multiple galleries on each block, boutiques for window shopping and

NuLu & Butchertown – Medium Distance, In/Outdoor Walking, Free
Hike the loop in the East Market District, window shopping and art on view in all the galleries and boutiques in NuLu make this one mile loop a fast and fun walk and can earn you up to one mile of steps when you walk both sides of the sidewalk in Nulu and over 2 miles if you include the Butchertown loop with Louabull and Phobaluu.

Museum Row – Short Distance, Indoor Walking, $$
Pick up a Main-Ticket and hit the Frazier History Museum, Louisville Slugger Museum, Science Center. KMAC Museum,
Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, Muhammad Ali Center, and the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts all in one tour and all on one ticket. The full walking tour runs along Main Street from 4th to 8th and makes for a perfect indoor-outdoor hike during wet or windy weather. Parking is available on street or in many lots or garages on Main.

Whiskey Row – Medium Distance, Outdoor Walking, Free
Bourbon has experienced an incredible revitalization in recent years and nowhere is that more apparent than on Downtown Louisville’s Whiskey Row. Take the Bourbon crawl from Angels Envy, through Old Forester and on to Evan Williams all within just 9 blocks of Main Street. Make sure to bring an appetite because each block features some of Louisville’s most flavorful bourbon bistros and bars.

North 4th & 4th Street Live! – Short Distance, Covered parking at 4th St Garage($), Free
One city block made up of two levels of 14 entertainment venues and features a 25,000 square foot all under a covered glass ceiling. You can log a significant number of steps inside the open gallery or stop inside the many venues and participate in some fun-fit social sports like skeeball and bull-riding.

Alley Gallery – Long Distance, Outdoor Walking, Free
Alley Gallery is a project of the Louisville Downtown Partnership to repurpose alley and back-of-the-building metal doors into an outdoor gallery featuring the work of local artists. Hop on your bike or take a walk and explore locally-produced public art in Downtown Louisville!

Galapalooza Horse Tour – Medium Distance, Outdoor Walking, Free
There are 10+ Galapalooza Horses along the Hop route. Use the Galapalooza Horse locator tool to track down each one. 6 of these can be seen right off Main St. Start on the corner of West Main and 8th and work your way east on Main to First Street. First and 8th Street.

Bourbon District Crawl – Long Distance, Outdoor Walking, Free
There are 14 historic city markers in Downtown Louisville featuring the history that unfolded right here in the Bourbon District dating back to the late 1700’s when the first crops were grown and stored. Walking the full tour including all 6 bourbon distilleries with Vendome Copper and Brass will earn you well over 6 miles worth of steps.


Featured: North and South 4th Street Hike the Hop Walking Route

Urban hikes are the rustic yet still cool cousin of walking: they normally follow a trail, often begin at a lower elevation and end at a higher one, and they’re longer and way more strenuous than your typical saunter to the corner for a cup of coffee. With more people getting into urban hiking as a new way to explore their own cities or to discover new ones, meet-up groups are spawning and city governments are mapping out urban trails. Ready to get hiking? We’ve compiled a variety of the best parts of Louisville to get your steps in and places to hit the pavement with a purpose. This up to bat is the Fourth Street Hike. Take this urban walk any time or join a group and do it on the Republic Bank First Friday Hop on the First Friday of every month to catch all the brand new gallery openings and fun street events.

Distance: 0.8 miles each way
Steps: ~1800 -2000 steps each way
Turns or Loops: 0
Elevations: Mostly Flat and Low, no hills
ADA: Yes
Weather: Outdoor uncovered
Parking: On street paid, $1.50 per hour or free after 6 pm, lots and garages on every block for $3-6 daily
Highlights: galleries, window shopping, food, visitor center, tourist attractions, local landmarks, street, and public art

North and South 4th Street Hike the Hop route on Google maps

For more information on this program and to sign up please contact@firstfridayhop.com


Featured: Urban Bourbon Hike the Hop – A walking tour of Downtown’s Bourbon District

Centered around Louisville the Urban Bourbon District is over 50 establishments; Hotels, bars, and restaurants, each offering a unique Bourbon experience whether it be a Distillery tour, a  Bourbon-inspired dish, a Derby Mint Julep or the official drink of Louisville Kentucky the Old Fashioned. Many of our favorite stops feature from 50 to over 150 varieties of Bourbon. You might find a Bourbon dinner at Edward Lee’s Whiskey Dry or perhaps a tour of the 7 distilleries along the hike. Not ready for a full tour? Most if not all distilleries have a shop you can pop in a check out for free at any time and Since 2008, the city of Louisville has now invented a fun unique way to celebrate the state beverage by creating the Urban Bourbon Trail. If you haven’t picked up your Bourbon Passport please do before the hike so when you hit Trail you can get stamped.

Distance: 5.9 miles one-way round trip
Steps: ~18,000 -20,000 steps each way
Turns or Loops: 11/1
Elevations: Mostly Flat and Low, no hills
ADA: Yes
Weather: Outdoor uncovered
Parking: On street paid, $1.50 per hour or free after 6 pm, lots and garages on every block for $3-6 daily
Highlights: Distillery tours, galleries, window shopping, food, visitor center, tourist attractions, local landmarks, street, and public art.

Main Street Distillery walking tour in Downtown Louisville – Hike the Hop route on Google maps

For more information on this program and to sign up please contact@firstfridayhop.com