Republic Bank First Friday Hop joins FEAT of Louisville

Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Louisville is a non-profit organization that actively supports and funds autism programs for the entire family. Created for families by families, FEAT of Louisville is dedicated to easing the autism journey through ongoing support, education and programs and the Republic Bank First Friday Hop is proud to participate in and support this community.

Join us!

Autism Friendly Business on the Hop

For the most up to date list please see the FEAT member list here. This is just a limited list of our many hop members and event locations that are part of the Autism Friendly Businesses you will find while on the hop.

Autism Friendly resources on the Hop

Where to find a quiet place while traveling on the hop?
The Kentucky Science Center has designated quiet places while traveling on the HOP. You may also find a comfortable place to reduce sensory input on the first floor of the Green building, the hall is usually quiet enclosed and has benches with windows to the courtyard for a quiet moment to reset. You may also find a nice quiet place to sit and reset on South 4th street at the 4th Street Live! food court, it is enclosed, quiet, away from the lights and offers quick access to public restrooms.

ADA and Wheelchair Accessibility on the Hop

All TARC routes are wheelchair accessible. The front of every TARC bus has priority seating for seniors and citizens with disabilities. All TARC routes feature buses with either lift mechanisms or ramps to assist customers in wheelchairs or with other mobility impairments.

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