Revelry is turning 8 on 8/3 featuring Bobby Hinkel!

Revelry is turning 8 on 8/3!♥ To celebrate we are hosting one of our staple and best-selling artists, Bobby Hinkel.
It happens to be Bobby’s 3rd show with us throughout his 5 years at Revelry.
We are pretty stoked about, Bobby and his family feel like our family! Looking forward to eating cake and celebrating with them.
WHO: Bobby Hinkel
WHAT: 3/8ths
WHEN: Friday, August 3rd, 7 – 10pm on the Republic Bank First Friday Hop (closing September 4th)
WHERE: Revelry Boutique Gallery, 742 E Market Street , Louisville KY 40202
The name for Hinkel’s show “3/8ths” pays homage to his 3rd solo show and Revelry’s 8 year anniversary. It also happens to be on 8/3!! Let’s celebrate Bobby and Revelry’s eighth year of local awesomeness!
Hinkel’s work is a composed array of shapes fitted and carved into the form of textured geometric wooden masterpieces. Through his passion for woodworking, Bobby collects wood from the Louisville area, revives it, and reshapes it into beautifully balanced works of art.
“Every piece of wood has lived a previous purpose and has a story enclosed within it. Just like people, wood can be exposed to various elements throughout its lifespan. I bring each piece of discarded wood back to life in every exhibition, giving each fragment a new direction.” – Bobby Hinkel
Join us for cake, balloons, a toast, and as always – great local art!

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